Cajun Seasoning

OrganicHere is my authentic Louisiana blend that I have made and used for over 40 years. Full of spices and herbs that balance the cayenne and peppers, discover this popular blend that is bold but not too hot.

Now you can easily create American classics such as gumbo and blackened fish and meats. Great for seasoning rice, beans, stews, potatoes, and eggs, on blackened dishes; fish, chicken, beef, pork, tofu. Use as a condiment on anything that needs a flavor boost. Add to soups and sauces. Use on any Louisiana cuisine.

Each custom blended bottle contains the freshest organic herbs and spices, just the right amount of cayenne heat and low sodium using my Pure Himalayan Salt.

Organic: Paprika, Pure Himalayan Salt, Garlic, Onion, Spices, Herbs, Cayenne.

2.0 oz. (56g)

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Savory Selection
Chef Mick’s Savory Seasonings Selection

Sample my trio of pure & vibrant savory flavors!

A “must have” for all your Mexican & Louisiana dishes. A bottle of each: Southwest, Cajun and Habanero Cajun Seasoning. Includes a FREE bottle of my Hickory Smoked Himalayan Salt. Great for the grill master to use as a rub or a finishing salt.

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Mick's Collection
Chef Mick’s Seasoning Collection

Explore my entire line of flavors. This is the ultimate gift for the cook or grill master.

This collection includes one bottle each of: Hickory Smoked Himalayan Salt, Pure Himalayan Salt, Smoky Porcini Gourmet Mushroom, Shiitake Gourmet Mushroom, Chanterelle Gourmet Mushroom, Southwest Gourmet Seasoning, Cajun Gourmet Seasoning, and Habanero Cajun Gourmet Seasoning. PLUS BONUS BOTTLES of my Pure Himalayan Salt & Hickory Smoked Himalayan Salt. 10 bottles total!

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habanero cajun
Habanero Cajun Seasoning

OrganicBlended for the thrill seeker, this is the big daddy version of my traditional Cajun recipe. I added habanero peppers and cayenne. Use this just as you would my classic Cajun and enjoy the heightened degrees.

To tickle your endorphins, each custom blended bottle contains hotter cayenne peppers, the freshest organic herbs and spices and my Pure Himalayan Salt. Use this low sodium seasoning as a surefire source for creating authentic Louisiana style cuisine.

Made with all organic herbs and spices. Great on blackened dishes; fish, chicken, beef, pork, tofu. Add to soups and sauces for an extra hot and spicy flavor.

Organic: Paprika, Pure Himalayan Salt, Garlic, Onion,Spices, Herbs, Cayenne and Habanaro.

2.0 oz. (56g)

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Hickory Smoked Himalayan Salt

OrganicBring the flavor of outdoor grilling into your kitchen year-round. Enjoy my Pure Himalayan Salt smoked in small batches with fine hickory wood. Adds a mild smoky flavor to savory dishes. Vegetarians like it for an outdoorsy bacon like flavor. Great as a rub on all meats. Try it in your bloody Mary mix or on the rim!

Provides 72 essential minerals and trace elements including iodine.

Pure Himalayan Salt and Essence of Hickory Smoke.

4.0 oz (112g)

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Southwest Seasoning

OrganicFire roasted chili peppers gives this blend a little kick. Each custom blended bottle contains organic fire-roasted chili peppers, the freshest organic herbs and spices, and just a dash of my Pure Himalayan Salt. Rich in flavors, use this as a rub for BBQ, grilling & broiling. Fantastic on chicken, ribs, seafood. Add zest to your favorite rice, sauces & chili. This blend is also a must use in your favorite Mexican dish recipes!

A favorite blend of all organic fire roasted chilies and spices. Great on poultry, ribs, potatoes, tofu, and in chili. Use in Mexican dishes, excellent as a BBQ rub.

Organic: Fire Roasted Chilies, Cumin, Garlic, Onion & Spices, Pure Himalayan Salt.

2.0 oz. (56g)

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