After high school graduation, I made the decision that I wanted to become a chef, so I enrolled into culinary school at 18 years of age. I entered into an extensive program and graduated from culinary school a year early, earning a duo degree in Cuisine and Professional Baking and Pastry Art. My 40 year culinary career has taken me on various adventures and travels, from working in four star hotels to exclusive remote lodges and all within the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

I am now semi-retired and when I am not in a kitchen cooking, you can often find me in the forest, especially during mushroom picking seasons. I have been asked so many times why my dishes taste so good and the "secret" is quite simple: people prefer food prepared with love and fresh ingredients. I advocate using in-season ingredients, work around what is fresh right now and you will always have a better dining and cooking experience. Use organic sources when you can and get creative. Try something new and keep it simple...elaborate recipes are not always what creates a fabulous meal.

Another secret: When you use my seasonings, you are getting the exact blends that I created and used all these years for my signature you can now re-create my stunning flavor profiles with minimal effort in your own kitchen. Using my secret signature blends, I have created a line of seasonings designed to help the home cook turn everyday meals from HOMEMADE to GOURMET. Try my seasonings and you will taste a difference. Blending in small batches, I use fresh, natural, wild, and organic ingredients to insure a product of the highest quality for you. There are absolutely no fillers or sugars added, just pure vibrant flavors.

Once you taste the difference .... you'll stick with Mick's!

Mikeil Carroll