Mushroom Medley
Chef Mick’s Mushroom Seasonings Medley

Enjoy the earthy and robust flavors of my three mushroom blends. A bottle each of Smoky Porcini, Shiitake and Chanterelle Mushroom blends.

Incredible for soups sauces and gravies. Enhance your pasta, rice, meats and more. Includes a FREE bottle of my Pure Himalayan Salt.

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Savory Selection
Chef Mick’s Savory Seasonings Selection

Sample my trio of pure & vibrant savory flavors!

A “must have” for all your Mexican & Louisiana dishes. A bottle of each: Southwest, Cajun and Habanero Cajun Seasoning. Includes a FREE bottle of my Hickory Smoked Himalayan Salt. Great for the grill master to use as a rub or a finishing salt.

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Mick's Collection
Chef Mick’s Seasoning Collection

Explore my entire line of flavors. This is the ultimate gift for the cook or grill master.

This collection includes one bottle each of: Hickory Smoked Himalayan Salt, Pure Himalayan Salt, Smoky Porcini Gourmet Mushroom, Shiitake Gourmet Mushroom, Chanterelle Gourmet Mushroom, Southwest Gourmet Seasoning, Cajun Gourmet Seasoning, and Habanero Cajun Gourmet Seasoning. PLUS BONUS BOTTLES of my Pure Himalayan Salt & Hickory Smoked Himalayan Salt. 10 bottles total!

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